Riot says Galio was overbuffed but Sejuani is “in a reasonable spot”

The age of tanks has returned.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 9.1 arrived last week, and since its arrival, both Sejuani and Galio have been running the show.

Any meta that Sejuani is good enough to be viable in is scary, because that usually means she’s incredibly strong, and this meta is no exception. Not only is she the usual meat-shield she’s used to being, but now, she has enough damage to duel almost any champion in any role if she gets a couple of items. Galio, likewise, is a one-shot burst mage in the mid lane, but that’s been going on longer than just Patch 9.1.

In retrospect, Riot admitted today in a post on the game’s forums that Galio was overbuffed when he was changed this pre-season. The balance team seems to think Sejuani is just fine, however, saying she’s “in a reasonable spot” despite her power in the current meta.

The post labeled her changes as being too early to evaluate, but that the team is cautiously optimistic about how things are looking, even though she has some pro priority still. She’s already had a prominent presence in both the LCK and in today’s LEC games, too, so that’s certainly true.

On the bright side, at least the balance team knows Galio was overtuned. There are currently some buffs to his Q’s scaling and base damage on the PBE right now, but we won’t know if those are enough until the next patch arrives in about a week. That ability is his most abused one as it’s most of his laning damage, so those nerfs should hit him right in the sweet spot. Hopefully they do, because he’s incredibly irritating to play against.

Patch 9.2, complete with Galio nerfs—but none to Sejuani—should arrive on Wednesday. If Sejuani gets any nerfs soon, it’d likely be Patch 9.3 after that.