Riot reveals first plans for Patch 10.12 system changes and future mid lane tweaks

More adjustments are headed to League soon.

Image via Riot Games

Even though League of Legends players are still trying to test out the latest changes from Patch 10.11, Riot Games has already unveiled some of its plans for the next update cycle. The developer intends to make some adjustments to elemental rifts, rune systems, and the mid lane role.

Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter said the developer team wants to change up some elemental rifts so that they can provide more unique and impactful gameplay features moving forward. The team will also be making some improvements to specific runes so that they can be used by more champions.

Scruffy also gave more details on the possible mid lane changes that Riot has been planning since early May. The developers said there’s a bit too much carry power in the role and it should be reduced soon.

“With the focus in 10.12 following up on the Bot changes and shipping the systems package, we are getting early testing of how we can effectively bring down the mid position power in ways that also improves the overall game flow,” Scruffy said.

Two nerfs that Riot is considering for the mid lane will hit player resources through experience and gold and an increased wave presence to make roaming “more of a missed opportunity” during the early game of matches. These changes, however, are far from perfected and aren’t expected to ship out along with Patch 10.12.

The mid lane has been one of the most influential roles in the game, but even more so with the emergence of players constantly roaming around with their jungler to gank a lane. These changes could help balance the role in the coming month.