Riot released a League cinematic called “Awaken” to hype up the upcoming ranked season

It's pretty impressive.

Image via Riot Games

The new League of Legends ranked season is about to begin and Riot Games wants us all to get ready for it by releasing a stunning new animation called “Awaken.”

The video features a bunch of different battle scenes involving some fan-favorite League champions. The cinematic is high quality and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Jhin takes on Camille in a deserted theater while champions from Ionia face off against the Noxus army looming in the background. You also get to see Riven take on Draven in what we can only assume is a Noxus arena. The cinematic is accompanied by an original song written by Riot’s music team and Alex Seaver of Mako, with Valerie Broussard as the featured artist.

Riot has a habit of releasing high-quality animated movies to promote its game. The studio has even created short story animations to support the world’s lore or upcoming events, like the World Championship.

This year’s ranked season is set to begin in a few days and will introduce a ton of new features. There will be two new ranked tiers called Iron and Grandmaster. Riot will also be introducing position ranking in the new season, which essentially means you’ll have a separate solo queue rank for each of the five positions in League.