Riot plans to release Ezreal’s update and the next new champion by the end of this year

It's going to be an eventful fall for Riot's design team.

Image via Riot Games

The next two major champion projects for League of Legends—the Ezreal update and the upcoming new champion—should be out relatively soon, according to Riot’s post on the game’s forums yesterday.

We still know very little about both projects since they were announced on Aug. 6 in the Champion’s Roadmap. Riot has remained very vague about them, but now we have a rough timeline. Both the shiny new Ezreal and the new champion should be out and usable sometime over the course of the next three months, before 2019.

We already know a bit about Ezreal’s update, which makes sense as he’ll be the first to be released, according to the post. When Riot initially announced that his update was coming, it revealed that his would be a total visual rebuild, but that it’s less focused on gameplay than Nunu or Irelia’s update this year. For the most part, heavy change is only coming for one of his abilities, and the rest will be minor changes to match his new design.

Image via Riot Games

The new champion, however, is much more ambiguous so far. In the same post that outlined our expectations for Ezreal’s update, Riot mentioned that the next champion would be a “colorful new mage.” For the most part, that’s all we know—that it’ll be a mage and that they will be partial to rainbows and other chromatic spectrums.

There was one fan theory that rifled through one of Ahri’s old short stories on Riot’s lore platform, Universe, that was at least interesting. It said that a person in the story, an old, colorfully-dressed magic gardener, made sense given Riot’s description of the new champ. It’s only a theory, but it’s certainly possible.

These projects would likely be the last ones in Riot’s pipeline for the year, given how much time usually passes between updates and new champions in League.