Nunu’s update trailer shows off exciting, and very weird, gameplay

We thought Riot was trying to prevent snowballing.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Snowballs, snowballs, and more snowballs. That’s what you have to look forward to in Nunu’s new large-scale redesign, according to the gameplay trailer released today by Riot.

The makeover of Nunu and Willump was revealed a little bit too early last night by the official League of Legends Brazil website, but only by a little bit, because the full reveal came today. If you saw the images passed around of the early reveal last night, you probably noticed just how wildly different both Nunu and his yeti Willump look.

We are pleased to report that his gameplay is just as dramatically different, and we’re only pleased about that because, frankly, they really, really needed it.

When we said snowballs, we really meant it. By the looks of it, Nunu and Willump get two different snowball abilities. One of those abilities causes them to throw a few snowballs at an enemy in rapid succession, and it appears that afterward, Nunu can stun them with another attack. The second snowball is one that the pair roll on the ground, building it in size like they’re on the way to make a gigantic snowman.

They can then roll that snowball into enemies to cause crowd control and deal some damage, and we assume those effects are magnified when the snowball reaches maximum size.

For the most part, Nunu’s Consume and Absolute Zero appear to be similar to their old iterations. Consume can now be used on champions, though, and they now have more stuns in their kit to prep for Absolute Zero.

The only other key difference is that he looks adorable now. He’s big, he’s fluffy, and we can’t wait to play him.