Riot Games Brazil posted an image of the new Nunu and then immediately took it down


Image via Riot Games

The brand-new, large-scale Nunu redesign was teased last week in an update from the League of Legends champion design team. Today, the official League website in Brazil seems to have accidentally posted an image of Nunu and Willump’s makeover on the front page of the site.

It was immediately deleted from the page, but thankfully, some crafty folk on the game’s Reddit community snagged some screenshots. Someone else even saved the full image. Say hello to the Nununu. Oh, sorry, that’s not right. Say hello to the new Nunu.

Screengrab via Riot Games
Screengrab via Riot Games

The timeline is just about correct for a reveal like this. Official reveals for large-scale champion updates are usually made a day or two before they hit the PBE, and since Patch 8.17 is about to arrive on the PBE, everything seems perfectly normal. Riot BR may have just missed the memo that it was supposed to come out tomorrow instead, so we’d chalk this one up to a little mistake than to some big, scandalous leak.

If you look at the new Nunu, you’ll notice he looks like an actual human child, rather than some large-headed abomination that may or may not be a Yordle-human hybrid. Willump, the yeti, looks extremely different as well. Rather than just a big primate-like snow monster, he’s a four-armed mythical beast with antlers. We’re a big, big fan.

Slap on your snow shoes and get the disco ready, because Nunu is (probably) just around the corner.