Riot is nerfing Syndra and Janna, buffing Lux in League’s Patch 10.11

Riot is honing in on some of the strongest champions in the game.

Image via Riot Games

Big changes are coming to League of Legends

Riot is targeting Syndra and Janna with nerfs and Lux with buffs in Patch 10.11, among a slew of other balance changes

Syndra has posed a threat in the upper echelons of League over the last few months, particularly in pro play and the elite ranks. In solo queue, she has an average win rate of 50.57 percent—ranked 23rd in the mid lane position. But her ability to flex to the bot lane has made her an easy target for Riot’s balance team. 

In North America’s LCS and Europe’s LEC, Syndra’s win rate is upward of 70 percent. She’s one of the most contested picks in the West due to her innate strength in both the early and late game and her flexibility in the pick and ban phase. 

Janna, on the other hand, was almost nowhere to be seen in pro play over the course of the 2020 Spring Split. Across the four major leagues—LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL—she was picked just 12 times and to little effect. Meanwhile, support champions like Rakan, Thresh, Braum, and Sett took priority.

In solo queue, though, Janna has a 53 percent win rate—the third highest in her position, behind Sona and Bard. Riot will look to nerf her in the next patch and bring her down to a level playing field. 

As for Lux, she’s barely seen the light of day in years. In both solo queue and pro play, she’s been nowhere to be seen despite her popularity. In the support position, she’s had her moments, but in the mid lane, she’s been perpetually outclassed. She has a 49 percent win rate, one of the lowest in mid. Changes to her damage numbers could be the boost she needs to have a lasting impact in League.

The full change list will be revealed later this evening, including the specifics of each of the balance changes. Patch 10.11 will hit the live servers next week on Thursday, May 28.