Riot launches surprise Lunar Revel merch sale

It's the second merch event in the space of a week

Image via Riot Games

As if the recent Valentines Day merch event wasn’t enough, Riot has sprung a surprise Lunar Revel merch sale, adding a bunch of exclusive figures and merch for fans to get their hands on.

The sale has multiple Lunar Revel-themed items to celebrate the release of Lunar Revel Lux, Nasus, and Warwick skins as well as the upcoming Lunar Revel event.

Image via Riot Games

A beautiful Lunar Goddess Diana figure, which is the 24th figure in the series two line of League-themed chibi figures, is one of the headline items of the same. It’s on sale for $25, but only in limited quantities.

Image via Riot Games

The other major piece is a Dragon Fist Lee Sin-inspired jacket. It is the most expensive item on offer, at $120—but it does look amazing.

Five mini figures based on five different Lunar Revel-themed champions such as Jinx, Annie, Talon, Riven, and VI are also available. There’s also a massive Panda Tibbers mini figure, which is sold separately. This is the third set to be released in the Team Minis collection after the Star Guardian and PROJECT sets some months ago.

Everything in the merch sale is in limited stock and is expected to sell out soon. So if you have been waiting to blow through some of your hard earned cash on League of Legends merchandise, now is the time.

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