8 November 2017 - 14:39

PROJECT-themed items have entered Riot's Merch Store

Collectables litter the store just in time for the holiday season.
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New PROJECT-themed League of Legends items are now available on Riot's merch store.

The merch sale coincides with the announcement of the brand new PROJECT skins for Vi, Vayne, and Jhin, as well as a new game mode that will be releasing sometime in the next few weeks.

Image via Riot Games

The main item in these sales in the PROJECT: Yi figure. It is the 22nd figure in the series two line of League themed chibi figures and the first ever PROJECT figure to be made. It'll cost you $25.

Five mini figures based on five different PROJECT themed champions such as Zed, Ashe, Lucian, Katarina, and Yasuo will also be available for $35. These are the second set to be released for the Team Minis collection after the Star Guardian set that was released in September.

Shirts for all the PROJECT skinned champions apart from Vi, Vayne, and Jhin are also available, as well as a snapback hat. The T-Shirts will cost $25 each.

None of the items in the current sale seem to be in limited stock like the previous two themed sales—but it's about time you got started on that holiday shopping. Even if it's presents for yourself.

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