Riot lays out buffs, nerfs, and other changes coming in League Patch 10.22

The list is almost locked in.

Image via Riot Games

The next patch for League of Legends is drawing near, and several champions will either be nerfed or buffed.

A day after releasing the tentative buffs and nerfs list for Patch 10.22, League gameplay designer Mark Yetter announced the full patch preview, which he says is not completely “locked,” but that it’s still “pretty close.”

In total, 12 champions will be changed in some manner, with those alterations varying in degree. For example, the developers are buffing several parts of Brand’s kit, while Karthus’ Q damage is the only thing set to be touched in the upcoming patch.

Here are all of the buffs, nerfs, and other changes announced for League Patch 10.22.


  • Brand: P explosion damage increased to 10-14 percent (2 percent per 100AP). E now always spreads to nearby enemies. E spread damage lowered to 300. E blaze effect doubles spread range to 600. R now bounces back to Brand.
  • LeBlanc: E mana cost decreased to 50. E base damage increased to 50-130. E delayed damage increased to 80-240.
  • Nasus: R bonus resists increased to 40-70. R now does not gain 1-3 resistance per second.
  • Sejuani: R short range damage increased to 125-175. R long range damage and delayed explosion increased to 200-400.
  • Xayah: Attack speed per level increased to 3.9 percent.


  • Karthus: Q damage decreased to 45-125.
  • Lulu (top lane): Q damage decreased to 80-220.
  • Samira: Base AD decreased to 57. Base armor decreased to 26.
  • Zed: E damage decreased to 70-150.

Other changes

  • Annie: E damage reduced to 40-240 (+40 percent AP) shield for 3 seconds. E mana cost increased to 40. E now can be cast on self or ally within 800 range.
  • Ashe: W now go from 7-11 arrows based on rank
  • Jinx: E traps now deal full damage immediately instead of over 1.5 seconds