Riot Korea has reportedly unlocked DAMWON’s signature champions and favorite skins in the Korean client until the preseason

Play like a world champion by picking DWG's signature champs for free.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Korea is celebrating DAMWON Gaming’s victory at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in style. Riot has unlocked five signature champions and skins in the Korean client for free until League’s preseason begins later this year in honor of DWG’s players, according to a fan on Reddit.

If you have a Korean League account, you can now play in one of the favorite skins of a world champion by picking these champions for free for a couple of days until the preseason hits. The unlocked champions and their skins are as follows:

  • Top lane: Blood Moon Kennen
  • Jungle: Crime City Graves
  • Mid lane: High Noon Twisted Fate
  • ADC: Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Support: Iron Solari Leona

Riot’s move to unlock these five champs in Korea could signal DWG’s final picks for the Worlds skins they’ll get later in 2021. Following their win, the DWG players shared the potential list of champions that they’d want a skin for. Kennen, Graves, and Twisted Fate were the only clear contenders for the DWG Worlds skins in those roles, but the ADC and support picks were unclear.

Ghost narrowed his options down to Ashe, Jhin, or Caitlyn, but it seems like he may have settled on Caitlyn. His support, BeryL, wanted a skin for Pantheon, but he mentioned that he’d go with Leona if Riot pushes Pantheon out of the support role, which the company is in the process of doing.

The Worlds skins are usually released half a year after the World Championship ends. But for now, Korean fans can play with DWG’s favorite skins to commemorate their recent accomplishment.

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