DAMWON Gaming players share potential champion picks for 2020 Worlds skins

DWG's choices shouldn't come as a surprise to many fans.

Photo via Riot Games

Mere moments after lifting the Summoner’s Cup at this year’s League of Legends World Championship, DAMWON Gaming shared their potential choices for the champions they intend to select to receive the traditional skins granted to the world champions. 

Here are the champions each player said they plan on picking for the 2020 Worlds skins.

Nuguri: Kennen

Image via Riot Games

Nuguri stated after today’s match that although he “hasn’t decided” fully which champion he’ll opt to give a DWG skin, he will most likely select Kennen. During this year’s World Championship, Nuguri posted a perfect 4-0 record on his trademark champion with a KDA of 3.4. He even played Kennen against Suning in today’s final, winning the third game of the series on the champion. 

Canyon: Graves

Image via Riot Games

After receiving the Finals MVP nod on stage, Canyon was asked which champion he would select to receive a DWG skin. Although he left it up in the air as to whether he’d select Graves or Nidalee, he later clarified in the post-game press conference that he would select Graves because he is “a Graves one-trick,” and perhaps he’s right. Canyon played 11 games on Graves at Worlds 2020, more than the rest of his champion pool combined. 

ShowMaker: Twisted Fate

Image via Riot Games

During the post-game presser, ShowMaker was straightforward with his answer as to which champion he’d be giving a skin. When he announced that Twisted Fate would be his champion of choice, it felt as though he had already made up his mind, and for good reason, too. ShowMaker’s 100-percent win rate and 17 KDA on the champion this tournament most definitely warrants his selection. 

Ghost: Ashe, Jhin, or Caitlyn

Image via Riot Games

After his tournament victory, Ghost left his decision regarding his Worlds skin up in the air. He’s supposedly narrowed down his choice to three champions, however: Jhin, Ashe, and Caitlyn. Fans will have to wait and see which AD carry he ultimately decides to indulge with a DWG skin. 

BeryL: Leona or Pantheon

Image via Riot Games

During the post-game press conference, BeryL stated that he would most likely choose either Leona or Pantheon for his Worlds skin. But he clarified that he is leaning towards choosing Leona because “next year, Pantheon might not be as viable in the support position.”