Riot Japan has released a bunch of cute Nunu-themed ringtones

Customize your phone with these unique chimes.

Image via Riot Games

Break out your phones and channel your inner anime—Riot Games in Japan has released a handful of new Nunu ringtones for you to use on your next Comic-Con trip.

Right now, Nunu fans can download specific voice lines of Nunu acting as an alarm, telling them they have an incoming call, or informing them that they have received a text message. Riot is offering downloads for both iOS and Android devices so that no one is left out.

This isn’t the first time that Riot Games Japan has done this for one of the reworked champions, however. Back when Akali was reworked, Riot Japan released an assortment of Akali-themed ringtones for anyone to download and use.

The Japanese version of League of Legends has a large assortment of superstar names voicing their characters. Some of these celebrities include Masako Nozawa, the voice behind Dragon Ball’s Goku, who voices Wukong, while the voice of Pikachu from the Pokémon series and Chopper from One Piece, Ikue Otani, voices everyone’s favorite Yordle— Teemo.

The Nunu rework not only changed the champion’s abilities and gave him a stunning new visual update for his base look and all his skins, but Riot also posted a brand new Community Collab which depicted Nunu and Willump’s adventure across the Freljord.

The ringtones are just another way in which Riot has looked to provide more Nunu to the world, and by looks of it, further reworked champions could get the same treatment if the ringtones continue to be successful.