Riot is reducing the map coloring intensity of Infernal and Ocean Drakes in League of Legends

The patch should go live today or early next week.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends preseason patch shook up the Rift’s landscape with game-to-game changes to terrain based on dragon spawns. As aesthetically pleasing as the changes may be, many fans found them to detract from the competitive experience. And now, Riot plans to fix that.

Riot gameplay systems designer Daniel “Rovient” Leaver explained in a tweet today that the tint colors placed on Summoner’s Rift from Infernal and Ocean Drakes will be toned down. The change comes after numerous players complained that the map colors were distracting and too intense, even causing some fans to get headaches and eye pain.

“We’ve reduced the intensity of the tint colours for infernal and ocean ground and fog of war by 35 percent,” Rovient said. “We plan to patch this out to players either today or early next week, but will certainly be in 9.24 if issues arise. I think they look better when subtler, too.”

A 35-percent drop in tint should be a considerable improvement, especially when the bright colors negatively impacted players’ experiences. Although the map colors haven’t been adjusted yet, they should be pushed live today. If any bugs or issues arise, however, the tweak might have to wait for Patch 9.24.

Although many players are certainly in agreement with making the Infernal Drake map more subtle, the Ocean Drake wasn’t necessarily a source of complaints. In fact, a large part of the community enjoyed the tranquility of overgrown fauna and a light drizzle.

Particularly sensitive League players may want to stay off the Rift until the patch goes through.