League of Legends players complain about Infernal Dragon’s map coloring after Patch 9.23

Some even say that it’s making them feel sick.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 9.23 introduced the preseason with a major overhaul to the Rift’s terrain based on dragon spawns. Even though the map changes might be impressive eye candy, fans are finding them distracting and, in some cases, painful.

A quick “map color” search on the League subreddit reveals several posts complaining about the changes to Summoner’s Rift—specifically, the Infernal Drake terrain. The fire dragon burns up several bushes in the jungle area and molten lava seeps through the once peaceful landscape. Although the game-to-game variety is a great way to spice up the veteran map, players are begging for the option to turn off the distracting hues.

Image via Riot Games

“I have just played some games on the new patch and I find the change of [sic] the colors of the map really distracting, especially with the infernal dragon,” one player said in a Reddit post. “I find it incredibly fatiguing for my eyes. I think they should introduce an option to disable it. Also I think it might be incredibly annoying for colorblind players as well [sic].”

This sentiment was echoed by another player who claims that the clash between the green grass and red floor hurt their eyes and gave them a headache. The player was forced to stop playing because they “felt very sick.”

These players, along with numerous other frustrated fans, feel that Riot should allow there to be an option to turn off the map colors. Riot uses a similar system when Summoner’s Rift is decorated during holiday events. While this would be greatly appreciated by players, it would likely undermine months of development and effort.

The feedback isn’t all bad, however. Some fans appreciate the tranquility from the Ocean Drake terrain, saying the overgrown shrubbery and calming drizzle provide a break from what can be a stressful competitive environment.

And complaints could be stemming from players not being used to such big changes. Riot often faces criticism after major gameplay overhauls. But players either adapt or learn to accept the adjustments and move on.

It’s unclear if Riot plans on providing a disable option for the map in the future, but it can be a simple way to appease fans.