Riot is directly working with players to fix bugs today

Bug are expected to be fixed and shipped in Patch 9.22.

Image via Riot Games

In honor of League of Legends’ 10 year anniversary Riot Games announced it will fix League related bugs at the request of players today.

A team of designers, engineers, and QA will be responding to players throughout the day to “squash” bugs brought to their attention, according to a post by Riot Scruffy on League’s Dev Corner board, The Riot developers have noted they will primarily address champion and item bugs. Additionally, devs have requested players post a detailed description of issues they want fixed in the comments of the post. 

Since the announcement, the comment section has exploded with players describing a plethora of bugs from client crashes to numerous Rengar complaints. Riot’s devs have noted they won’t be able to fix every issue mentioned. Nonetheless, this is an immediate way for players to voice their complaints. Players can expect a majority of the bug fixes to go live in Patch 9.22 while trickier issues may not ship until later patches.  

This is one part of Riot’s continued 10-Year Celebration. Yesterday, Riot released a celebration website which featured the champion Ryze along with various audio clips and the date for Riot Pls, Riot’s yearly livestream regarding future developments. A variety of leaks surfaced today as well, including a potential League anime series, digital card game, and mobile version of League. Little information has been confirmed regarding the leaks. But it is speculated they will be announced later tonight during the Riot Pls livestream. 

Riot will continue its celebration throughout the day with League and TFT showmatches beginning at 4:30pm CT, followed by a pre-show at 7:30pm CT, and the 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls at 8pm CT.

Fans interested in catching the events can tune in to the Riot Games Twitch and Youtube channels.