Riot introduces changes to League’s new champion-based achievement system Eternals prior to launch

Eternals will be split into two different sets and costs moving forward.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduced the new champion-based achievement system Eternals earlier this month. But after receiving feedback from the League of Legends community in recent weeks, the developer is making a few changes to Eternals before it goes live.

Moving forward, Eternals will be separated into two different categories: common and unique. Common sets will feature “broadly-applicable” Eternals, including stats that track kills, objectives destroyed, and takedowns. Unique sets will include custom-built Eternals for each champion such as Sylas’ “Stop Hitting Yourself” achievement—an achievement that tracks how many kills a Sylas player gets within six seconds of damaging enemies with their own ultimates.

Common sets will cost 225 RP year-round from the client store and will go on sale twice a year in the Essence Emporium for 3,500 BE. Unique sets, on the other hand, won’t make an appearance in the blue essence store but will be available for 590 RP from the store throughout the entire year. Each set, whether common or unique, will come with three Eternals per champion.

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Riot plans to introduce discounted multi-champion bundles for players who are interested in purchasing Eternals for numerous champions as the launch of the champion-based achievement system draws closer.

Eternals are now available on League’s Public Beta Environment, where they’ll remain for further testing before going live in a later patch.