Riot hotfixes game-breaking Rek’Sai bug

The void burrower had been wreaking havoc in solo queue.

Image via Riot Games

Riot quietly ushered in a new Rek’Sai bug in League of Legends Patch 10.19, removing one and inadvertently replacing it with another. 

But in today’s hotfix, the developers have fixed the bug for good. 

The bug, which was significantly increasing Rek’Sai’s burrowed movement speed, resulted in the champ having a giant 55-percent win rate in solo queue—the highest in the game.

When burrowed, Rek’Sai is intended to have 15 bonus movement speed at level one, 20 at level six, 25 at level 11, and 30 at level 16. But instead, she was receiving 30 bonus movement speed at level one and all the way up to 88 at level 16.

Upon reaching level six, Rek’Sai would have 405 movement speed without boots, outrunning almost all champions.

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Rek’Sai’s initial bug, ahead of Patch 10.19, had a damaging effect on her win rate, reducing her to an all-time low of 40 percent in solo queue. When Rek’Sai burrowed while Queen’s Wrath/Prey Seeker (Q) or Furious Bite/Tunnel (E) were on cooldown, the bug would stop the cooldown countdown until she unburrowed. 

With both bugs now fixed, it’s unclear where Rek’Sai will land in the champ rankings. Without her extra bonus movement speed, she’ll almost certainly fall down to a more reasonable win rate. 


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