Riot drops Sylas in the Freljord and Karma into a past life in new lore dump

It's never a bad day for a lore dive.

Image via Riot Games

Riot released two new stories on the League of Legends universe portal today. Neither one was for the new champion, Aphelios, though. The first was for Karma, and the second is about Sylas.

In Karma’s story, “Remember me,” we get some insight into the mantle of being “Karma,” which feels a bit like Avatar: The Last Airbender Lite when fans learn about how love has affected Karma’s ability to connect with one of her past lives. Karma’s lore explains that Karma is a human incarnation of an ancient Ionian soul, from which she derives her powers.

In her position, she’s able to access memories and, on some level, communicate with her past lives—but only if they wish to communicate.

As for Sylas, his story, “The Shackles of Belief,” touches on his travels into the Freljord when he meets a raiding party. They quickly learn that he isn’t an easy outsider to kill. Sylas displays some of his power and the raiding party is impressed, though clearly put-off. 

His strength is enough to convince the raiding party that he should join them, to which he agrees. The story sort of ends there, though, with Sylas agreeing to the clan matriarch’s terms. This leaves Sylas in the Freljord for the foreseeable future, which can only mean one thing: Snow Day Sylas.