Riot reveals biography for new League of Legends champion, Aphelios

“Only apart could they be together.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

Even though League of Legends fans may still be recovering from bot laner Senna’s recent release, another champion is already in the works.

Riot revealed the biography of a new marksman on the League Universe today. Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful, will be joining a small cast of Targonian Lunari, which includes Diana and Zoe. The champion was initially teased in Riot’s Champion Roadmap, which explained that “only the devout” would be able to master the marksman.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Aphelios, along with his twin sister Alune, were celebrated as “children of destiny” by those of the Lunari faith. Aphelios was gifted with physical prowess and mastered the mystical moonstone blades. Conversely, Alune conjured spiritual magic, training as a seer to reveal hidden pathways and the truth by the moon’s light.

But Lunari were considered “heretics” by the ruling Solari, who drove them to hide in the shadows.

Desperate to find purpose, Aphelios drank the essence of the rare, but poisonous, noctum flower. The flower numbed the Targonian from everything else but pain.

Then the Marus Omegnum, an ancient temple, came into phase from the spirit realm for the first time in centuries. Even though the Lunari gathered for the event, the temple only accepted one occupant. Alune entered to complete her destiny.

But the temple’s appearance attracted the attention of the Solari, who descended their armies upon the unsuspecting Lunari. Aphelios fell in battle, but Alune unlocked her full potential in the temple’s center. She pushed her power into her brother’s hands, converging her magic with his skill—”those Solari would not live to see the sun again.”

The two found their destiny. Alune sacrificed herself within the spiritual realm, while Aphelios hollowed himself out with pain. 

“Together, they would be the weapon the Lunari needed, bound by pain and sacrifice,” the bio reads. “Only apart could they be together.”