Riot confirms Crime City Nightmare, Debonair 2.0 skin lines will launch later this year

Riot is on pace to release over 140 skins for League this year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has confirmed that two highly anticipated skin lines, Crime City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0, will launch later this year. Riot released a video earlier today discussing its plans and progress surrounding skins in League of Legends. 

The two skin lines spawned from a fan vote earlier this year, in which League players were able to decide which skin line would come to the game. The original vote consisted of three potential skin lines: Crime City Nightmare, Monster Hunters, and Debonair 2.0. Crime City Nightmare won that fan vote earlier in 2021, but according to Ambrielle Army, product lead for the League skins team at Riot, “Debonair 2.0 came in at a close second, so we decided to make them both.”

Crime City Nightmare is a skin line that will include thematic elements surrounding a twist between high society and Cthulhu-inspired Eldritch magic. The Crime City Nightmare skin line includes colors of dark red and purple, symbolizing the dark magic that will inevitably be closely associated with the skins. 

Thus far, Riot has confirmed the Crime City Nightmare skins will be available for Akali and Twisted Fate. It’s unclear whether there will be more champions involved in the skin line. 

Image via Riot Games

As far as the Debonair 2.0 skin line goes, skins for Leona and Malzahar have been confirmed. The skin line will “tell the story of champions vying for powerful elixirs in a modern noir world,” according to Army. With coloration of green and white all over, the Debonair 2.0 skin line features slick and sharp formal looks for certain champions. 

Riot also mentioned that the team is “keeping up a pretty good pace” when it comes to skin production, with League set to release over 140 skins in 2021. It’s still unclear when exactly the Crime City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0 skins will join that lineup, but it should be sometime within the next few months.

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