Riot cancels Clash games for League of Legends TR servers

Turkish players will get their tickets and rewards.

Image via Riot Games

Following extended periods of server problems impacting League of Legends players across Europe, Riot Games canceled the remaining Clash games on Turkish servers today. 

Any player that was already playing matches will be refunded their Clash tickets and rewards will still be paid out. 

Riot was previously looking into issues on the Europe West servers that required the developers to disable ranked queues and saw players across the board seeing long load times or poor game performance if they did get into a game at all. It seems like those issues have been handled, but now other regions are seeing similar problems pop up. 

As of now, this decision has only been made for TR servers, but Riot has previously done the same for EUW and Europe Nordic and East players too, including on Jan. 16.

It doesn’t look like TR servers are experiencing any outages, but you can always check on Riot’s official service status page to see if anything changes.

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