Report: Mikyx to sign with G2, team up with Perkz

Mikyx found himself without a home when Misfits brought in superstar Gorilla from the LCK.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports made one of the most interesting moves of this offseason when they reportedly acquired Fnatic mid laner Caps “Rasmus” Winther this week. It was interesting because G2 already had a star mid laner: Luka “Perkz” Perković. 

The only remaining question was who Perkz’s support would be following his reported move down to the bot lane. Incumbent Kim “Wadid” Bae-in had a strong year, but he’s become synonymous with lane partner Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss, having played with him since Wadid moved from Korea two years ago. It seemed like G2 might move on from both halves of their bot lane, and according to a report from VP Esports, that’s exactly what they’re doing by signing Misfits support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle.

The move was rumored along with G2’s signing of Caps due to Perkz’s familiarity with the Slovenian support. A quick look at Perkz’s solo queue history shows that he’s been spamming ADC champions while duoing with a user named “GrøntsagsGnasker.” That’s Danish for “vegetable muncher,” which happens to be one Mikyx’s IDs. 

Mikyx found himself unexpectedly without a home when Misfits made a big move this week and signed all-star Korean support Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon to construct a team full of well-known players. Mikyx had made himself into one of the region’s best supports based on his consistency, but he was never the central figure for Misfits. On G2, he’ll still be in a background role behind vocal leaders like Perkz and Caps, but maybe that’s why he was such an appealing addition.

When the deals with Caps and Mikyx are completed, G2 will have filled every position on the starting roster. We’ll see when the LEC starts in January whether they’ll be good enough to dethrone Caps-less Fnatic or top the new-look Misfits.