Report: LCS games could move to weekdays in 2023

The LCS could move its match days in order to prevent conflicts with other Riot titles, according to a report.

The LCS is looking to move its match days out of a weekend slot in 2023, according to a report from Alejandro Gomis of Next season, the LCS could potentially move its games to Wednesday and Thursday evenings, according to the report. 

The LCS has traditionally played all of its games on weekends since its inception in 2013, with occasional shifts to Monday and Friday nights throughout its history. While regular Thursday night games would be uncharted territory for the league, the LCS has hosted playoff games on Thursday nights. 

A potential change to a weekday schedule has been communicated to LCS teams, according to the report, although nothing is internally official as of yet.  

Next year, VALORANT franchised leagues will begin play, with the league for the Americas region likely holding its games on the weekend. A schedule featuring VALORANT on weekends and League on weekdays would prevent conflicts or overlap for Riot’s two most prominent totals.

It is unclear at this time if this change in match days will come alongside a change to the LCS’ format. No changes to the schedules or formats or international leagues such as the LEC, LPL, or LCK were revealed in the report, either.

The 2023 LCS is expected to begin in January if recent history is used as any parameter.