Rell, League’s Noxian support, is now live with Patch 10.25


Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players can finally get their hands on Rell, the Iron Maiden.

The Noxian support hit the Rift today with League Patch 10.25 and is available for purchase at the typical price of 7,800 BE or 975 RP. Fans who don’t want to shell out the premium cost can wait a week after her release, where Rell’s Blue Essence price will drop to 6,300.

Rell brings plenty of versatility to the bot lane, helping her AD carry with tons of crowd control and plenty of tankiness. The Iron Maiden has an AoE stun and an AoE knock-up, can destroy enemy shields, can heal herself and teammates, and grants armor and MR to allies.

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She can also shift forms, either riding her trusty steed for extra movement speed or transforming it to heavy armor. When wearing her metallic garb, she moves and attacks slower, however.

With such a seemingly overloaded kit, Rell may have great success in the meta. But Riot’s new focus is to balance releases for the “long term,” creating a champ that may initially seem weak but whose win rate improves as players become more experienced with them. Lillia is a perfect example of this because she hasn’t been nerfed or buffed since her release and yet found her way into pro play at Worlds 2020.

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