Project L senior producer teases Developer Update for late November

Tom Cannon shared a time frame to look forward to in the near future.

Image via Riot Games.

Riot’s upcoming and unnamed fighting game, Project L, has been on the eye of many League of Legends and FGC fans alike. While most public updates towards the game have been mostly radio silence or a warning not to expect the game’s release this year, fans hunting for more information have a time frame to look forward to: late November.

In a Reddit comment, Project L senior producer Tom Cannon teased an upcoming developer update nearing the end of November. The update could give fans more details on the title, but what fans can expect from it is still unclear.

November is a big month for League fans, with the conclusion of the World Championship and release of the animated series Arcane occurring the same day. Now, with an update on Project L on the horizon, the hype will run even longer throughout the month.

Despite the lack of public updates on the game, some lucky players got to participate in Project L playtests back in April. While it is currently unknown what will take part in the upcoming Developer Update, players can hope to find out the playable roster or a release date.