Pobelter returns to pro play as CLG’s starting mid laner for week 5 of 2020 LCS Spring Split

One of NA's best mid laners is back on Summoner's Rift.

Photo via Riot Games

Get ready, LCS fans—the Notorious P.O.B. has returned. After spending four weeks of the 2020 LCS Spring Split as the positional coach for Team Liquid, Eugene “Pobelter” Park will be CLG’s starting mid laner for week five of the League of Legends season, the organization announced today.

Pobelter was passed over by multiple teams during the 2019 offseason. It was a hard pill for the 23-year-old veteran to swallow, but he was determined to find his way back onto the LCS stage one way or another.

“I still think I’m one of the best players. It bums me out to read that the mainstream opinion is that I’m good enough for NA, [but] can’t perform on the international stage,” Pobelter said. “I don’t think I’ve hit my ceiling yet. I think you only start to fall off permanently when your motivation drops, and I’m still just as motivated as the first day I played on the LCS stage.”

He’ll be replacing Lee “Crown” Min-ho, who hasn’t had the best performances over the past four weeks. The 24-year-old has the most deaths and the lowest KDA of any mid laner in the league. He’s also dealt a low amount of damage but has a low share of his team’s total gold as well.

Pobelter, on the other hand, has always been known to flourish in his lane, even if he isn’t given a lot of resources. Many of his teammates had plenty of great things to say about him, including AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. Liquid’s star even said that Pobelter is still a top-four mid laner in the region.

CLG have rightfully pressed the panic button after only winning one of their eight matches this season so far—and Pobelter has answered the call. His knowledge and veteran presence could help kick the monkey off of this team’s back.

You can catch Pobelter in his 2020 stage debut when his team takes on Cloud9 on Saturday, Feb. 22.