Pantheon arrives in League of Legends’ Patch 9.16

The Unbreakable Spear is finally hitting the live servers.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready, League of Legends fans. The new, reworked Pantheon is finally hitting the live servers with Patch 9.16.

The Aspect of War turned human has had multiple changes to his kit and should be fun for everyone, whether you’re a Pantheon one-trick or if you’re trying him out for the first time.

His whole kit and lore have been reimagined and his look has changed accordingly. Riot Games has made Pantheon look as epic as he feels to play. In the champion’s new lore, Aatrox actually killed the Aspect that took over Pantheon’s body, but the human survived complete with all of the Aspect’s powers. Now Atreus—the human who the Aspect of War took over—is locked in a perpetual battle against Aatrox, fueled by his incredible willpower and strength.

Pantheon’s kit has plenty of elements that are similar to his old abilities, but they have all been modernized. Pantheon’s Q, for example, is still a spear throw, but it’s also a skill shot that can damage all enemies in a line. His E ability still launches a rapid spear attack, but it also grants invulnerability to damage from enemies in that direction.

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Pantheon’s ultimate still has him jump up into the heavens, but instead of simply landing straight down on an area, he swoops down and damages enemies along the ground before dropping down on the targeted spot. It’s a great update to an iconic ultimate ability and it’s a lot flashier than its predecessor.

You can try Pantheon out for yourself when League‘s newest patch drops tomorrow on Wednesday, Aug. 14.