Opposing Yasuo and Jinx players snag pentakills at the same exact time in League of Legends

"And the minions are the true rulers of the Rift."

Image via Riot Games

And then there were none. 

One League of Legends player documented a hilarious play that led to an enemy Jinx and Yasuo landing pentakills at the same exact time, posting the video last night.

Four players on the blue team were mounting an attack on the top lane Inhibitor tower, powered by their Baron buff. The red team Yasuo needed to make a clutch play to stop the push—and he did just that.

The Unforgiven landed a nice ultimate on two enemies, picking up a quick double kill before turning his attention on the other two players. With devastating crit damage, the Yasuo quickly took out the enemy Braum before sweeping through a minion wave to wipe out Teemo for the quadra.

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The blue team’s Jinx was late to the party, however. The AD carry quickly started mopping up the red team’s backline, picking off three low-health targets. Since Jinx was inside enemy territory, she flashed to get outside of the opposing team’s base. But she ran into the Kindred and Yasuo.

It only took four quick auto attacks to kill the Kindred, leaving a one-vs-one between the two carries. Jinx weaved in auto attacks while Yasuo slashed and dashed. Finally, Jinx landed a fatal blow on the Unforgiven. But at the same time, Yasuo’s slung a whirlwind at the ADC to finish her off, resulting in a simultaneous pentakill.

Other players commented on the play, with one noting that “the minions” were now the “true rulers of the Rift.”

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