2 opposing ADCs get pentakills at same time in League of Legends

Aphelios and Xayah battled to the death—and neither made it out alive.

Image via Riot Games

You can’t make this stuff up.

A League of Legends player documented a remarkable occurrence on the Rift, posting a video last night. Two AD carries battled it out and landed a pentakill at the same time.

Like most hectic teamfights, the battle began in front of the dragon pit. Numerous ultimates flooded the screen, creating several confusing exchanges. And the red team’s Xayah dealt devastating blows to the enemy Quinn and Lulu using Featherstorm, quickly deleting them from the game.

For the blue team, Aphelios did a stellar job of kiting away from the enemy Riven. When the Exile got too low, she retreated back to her team, which proved to be a fatal mistake. Aphelios used his ultimate to deal devastating AoE damage and instantly got a triple kill.

Xayah effortlessly took out the red team’s Diana and Xin, leaving only Aphelios. But the Weapon of the Faithful wasn’t going to make it that easy.

The blue team’s ADC easily finished off the vulnerable Shyvana and Xayah, landing himself a pentakill. Aphelios was still taking damage while his opponents were in the grave, however.

Shyvana’s Flame Breath did massive damage and scorched the Earth under him. And Xayah had red buff, which slowly whittled down Aphelios’ health until he was no more.

In the end, a spectacular announcement rang through Summoner’s Rift: “Blue team pentakill. Red team pentakill.”