Oceania players locked out from playing League games as widespread bug hits client

A previous error code has returned to plague League players

Image via Riot Games

Any Oceanic League of Legends player looking for a Sunday evening fix may be falling victim to a widespread server bug if their normally bright blue Play button is grayed out with an error message. 

“We’re having trouble talking to some League servers,” the error message read. “If this problem persists, please reach out to Player Support with error code: 18.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

With multiple players reporting on both the League of Legends subreddit and the official forums that they couldn’t connect, the server seems to have come to a standstill as the only players who can play games are those who were already logged in. The complaints come from across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Oceanic region, so the problem isn’t geographically limited or isolated to a certain Internet Service Provider.

This particular iteration of the 1B bug seems resistant to any previous troubleshooting method, but in response to previous issues with the same bug, we wrote a helpful guide that might be able to help. Riot has acknowledged the problem, with a red exclamation point appearing next to the Play button indicating a game-breaking issue. 

Unfortunately for League fans, those players who were lucky enough to be logged in prior to the bug hitting the game will still face massive queue times as the pool of players will be relatively small compared to the peak hours that the game is currently down for.