How to fix League of Legends error code 1B

This should do the trick.

Image via Riot Games

If error code 1B pops up every time you attempt to play League of Legends, you may have a problem.

The exact root of this error code is unclear, but it could have something to do with the country you’re playing from or your internet service provider. Either way, there’s a quick and easy fix to get your game back in running order.

The first thing you should do is relog. This won’t work all of the time but some players have reported relogging five times has somehow solved the issue. If this method doesn’t work, and you’re still stuck in your client, there are a couple of other solutions you can try.

Make sure to completely close your game. You can do this with the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) but Alt F4 should also do the trick. Now, right-click League on your desktop and select run as administrator. This, for whatever reason, sometimes fixes the problem. To test if your game is back to normal, log in and try joining a match again.

If you’re still scratching your head and looking for answers, there’s one final solution you can try. It takes longer than the other methods, but it’s a definitive way to fix the issue at hand.

Find your way to the gear button on your launcher and click initiate full repair. If you have a corrupted or missing file, this will do all the calculations necessary to bring everything back to its former self. Once you’ve repaired your game, League should be as good as new, and error code 1B should be gone.