Nunu’s new lore makes the bond between yeti and human even cuter

Four-armed yetis are man's best friend... right?

Image via Riot Games

A new trailer has revealed Nunu and Willump’s revamped appearance, and thanks to an update on League of Legends’ lore page, we also know more about their past.

Nunu comes from a nomadic Freljordian tribe called the Notai, and he spends his childhood listening to his mother Layka’s songs. The tribe travels the frozen wastes, bringing celebrations and songs to all of the villages they pass through. Layka gifts Nunu a flute, which he names Svellsongur, and they travel the land in search of stories to tell.

Then, tragedy strikes.

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Nunu is separated from his mother during a bandit attack, and Nunu is taken to the Frostguard tribe, ruled by Lissandra. She constantly asks him about one song concerning a fearsome beast, which Nunu comes to realize is about the yeti. The yeti race was wiped out by ice, and only one remains, guarding a magical gem that contains all the magic of the lost race. Nunu takes it upon himself to slay the vicious beast in order to be recognized as a hero.

Once he meets the yeti, Nunu realizes it needs a friend, and engages in a snowball fight with it. The yeti realizes Nunu is not greedy like the other humans who have come in search of the gem, and decides to journey with him in search of adventure, and Layka.

This has been one of Riot Games’ best lore pieces in recent memory due to how closely the story aligns with the Nunu fantasy. While the plot was somewhat predictable, the story’s writing made it sound like a massive adventure was unfolding. The new biography was mostly light-hearted, just like how we imagine Nunu and Willump to be.