Not a single League fan correctly predicted Worlds 2021 Pick’em game

For the first time in three years, no one had a perfect Pick'em submission.

Image via Riot Games

For the first time since 2018, not even one League of Legends fan had a perfect Pick’em submission in this year’s Worlds Pick’em game. 

Today, the final match of the tournament saw EDward Gaming of the LPL dethrone the defending world champions DWG KIA in an epic five-game battle. The only remaining perfect Pick’em player selected DWG KIA to win the series. However, with EDG’s historic victory, all Pick’em submissions across the globe were thwarted. 

As the upset-laden tournament rolled on, more League fans saw their dreams of a perfect Pick’em dwindle. The group stage broke up many of this year’s Pick’em submissions, and predicting the outcomes of all four groups was a difficult task for all but 48 players out of nearly 8 million. Last year, just eight Pick’em players correctly predicted the 2020 tournament.

Notably, the one player to make it to the Worlds grand final with a perfect Pick’em submission on has firm control over the second tier of players on the site’s leaderboard. A total of 119 players inhabit the third tier of the leaderboard, although no entries were perfect.

The League community will have a chance to redeem itself next year when the World Championship comes to North America to cap off the 2022 season. 

With the World Championship in the rearview mirror, professional League of Legends will enter its annual offseason period. The 2022 regular season is scheduled to begin in domestic leagues around the world in January.

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