A sole perfect Pick’em persists heading into the League 2021 World Championship finals

Will this prophet foresee one more outcome?

Image via Riot Games

Only two teams remain in the League of Legends 2021 World Championship, and only one person has successfully predicted all outcomes up to this point.

After a turbulent few weeks of major victories and unprecedented upsets at this year’s Worlds, a single pick’em remains perfect. This person is the sole representative of the Baron Nashor tier and will now have to foresee whether the LCK’s DWG KIA or the LPL’s EDG will end Worlds with the Summoner’s Cup. According to the League’s pick’ems website, this sole perfect pick’em is .000014 percent of all of the pick’ems submitted this year.

Yet this player isn’t alone in being the only representative of their tier. Only one pick’em also remains in the Elder Dragon group, the tier below Baron Nashor. This person has 99 points as opposed to the perfect score of 104—meaning somewhere during the chaos of the Worlds group stage, one team’s placement got the best of their predictions. 

Most of the predictions fall within the Ancient Krug tier, where 4.8 million people currently have 44 points accumulated since the group stage. Players will be rewarded with exclusive icons in League based on the number of points they have amassed throughout the entirety of pick’ems.

Every single fan that participated in this year’s Worlds have successfully predicted at least one team’s placement, but with the finals between DWG and EDG just one week away, only one player still holds on to the coveted perfect pick’ems—and the reward of all six Ultimate-tier skins in League

The 2021 Worlds finals match between DWG and EDG will take place on Nov. 6 at 7am CT.