Nongshim RedForce signs Canna and Ghost

Their roster is now complete.

Photo via Riot Games

LCK team Nongshim RedForce signed two more high-profile players to complete its fully-overhauled roster ahead of the 2022 season.

Top laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong and bot laner Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun competed with T1 and DWG Kia respectively last season.

Ghost, a three-time LCK winner, played with DWG KIA for the two last seasons and won the Worlds title with the organization in 2020.

With him leaving DK, the organization has no starting player left from last season in its roster. It’s still unclear who will replace him and his other former teammates, although rumors point at solid players such as Nuguri, ShowMaker, kellin, and deokdam.

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Top laner Canna started his professional career in T1 and remained with the team for two seasons. It’s the first time he’s switching teams in the league. “Though it was a bumpy road, we thank him for happily deciding to join us for 2022,” T1 wrote on Twitter, after an unfortunate contract dispute.

Canna and T1 were unable to settle on a salary for the upcoming season. The miscommunication reportedly made T1 think that Canna wanted to leave the team rather than remain in 2022 even without trying to renegotiate his salary, since he asked transferred multiple times in the past season.

Ghost and Canna joins a revmped NS Redforce alongside jungler Lee “Dread” Jin-Hyeok, midlaner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-Seong, and support Lee “Effort” Sang-Ho, forming a completely new team ahead of the 2022 LCK Spring Split.

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