Nongshim RedForce continue LCK dominance, take down Fredit BRION with first mid Yasuo of 2021 Summer Split

The champion had been away from the middle lane in the LCK for 483 days.

Photo via Nongshim RedForce

Nongshim RedForce earned their 10th series win of the 2021 LCK Summer Split today by defeating Fredit BRION 2-1.

This League of Legends series was intense and featured unique picks, such as support Poppy and mid lane Yasuo, both of which had been away from the LCK scene for more than 300 days.

The MVP votes went to the carries of NS, AD carry deokdam and mid laner Gori. Both players had great performances throughout today’s series, even in the game they lost. Deokdam picked up his MVP vote after leading his team to a victory in the first game on Aphelios. His ultimates in teamfights were the deciding factor that helped his team secure the win. Gori secured his MVP vote after picking Yasuo in the last game. And while he didn’t win his lane, he did have a strong teamfight presence. His wind walls denied crucial abilities from his opponents and protected his team while they dealt damage.

NS were heavily favored going into this series. Fredit BRION, however, surprised League fans everywhere by trading blow for blow from the get-go. They even picked up a gold lead and maintained it throughout most of the first game. But deokdam was able to carry his team in the end with his superb Aphelios mechanics.

In the second game, Fredit BRION banned Aphelios in the first phase of the draft before picking a similar composition. But the surprising pick was the Poppy from Fredit BRION, who was able to counter all of the dashes on NS to help equalize the series.

In the deciding match of today’s series, NS decided to bring out Yasuo for Gori, who played well on the champion. He farmed evenly with the opposing Lucian and provided good wind walls in teamfights, denying crucial abilities from his opponents. After falling behind a bit, NS came back into the game once the team’s players acquired their core items and finished the match in their favor.

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NS (10-3) are in first place in the 2021 LCK Summer Split right now over Gen.G (9-3) and T1 (8-5). If they can continue to play like they have been, NS are in a favorable position to finish the split in a good spot going into the playoffs.

Next week, NS have two matchups against Liiv SANDBOX and Hanwha Life Esports. While the team led by Chovy shouldn’t be much of a threat, SANDBOX have been on a tear lately and might prove to be a challenge for NS.

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