New League of Legends Clash tournament, the Shadow Isles Cup, kicks off this weekend

Squad up.

Image via Riot Games

Call your friends and start organizing your squad. League of Legends’ Clash returns this weekend. 

In a Twitter post today, the official League account revealed the Shadow Isles Cup taking place on Jan. 16 and 17.

To sign up, all you need is SMS verification on your account and completed placement matches. It doesn’t matter what type of competitive format you have completed placement for.

Entry to the tournament requires a “ticket” that can be purchased for 975 Blue Essence or 195 Riot Points from the client’s store. There’s also a premium ticket option that costs 975 Riot Points.

After that, all you need to do is log into your League account, go to the Clash tab and follow instructions on how to create your team or simply join a friend’s squad. 

The lock-in phase for this weekend’s Clash tournament will happen at 6:15pm CT, and as always, it will have a single-elimination bracket-style format. 

Don’t be disheartened if you lose early though. Players can still earn prizes from competing in the event’s consolation bracket.

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