Neeko player shows amazing combo with Yone’s ultimate in Ultimate Spellbook game mode

The opponents had no idea what was coming for them.

Image via Riot Games

Ultimate Spellbook, the latest addition to League of Legends‘ game modes, has been garnering a lot of fans.

A Neeko player showed off how easy it is to land the champion’s ultimate when combined with Yone’s. The clip began with the Neeko player disguising herself as Sett, before casting her ult, then following up with Yone’s dash to unleash a devastating combo onto the stacked-up group of opponents. Following this trade, Neeko and her team were able to push and build a huge lead, before finishing the match.

The Ultimate Spellbook mode has been positively received by the community, that can completely change the way their favorite champions play with a new skill. There’s a lot of combos you can try, with Neeko having a lot of powerful ultimates she can combine with for a huge burst of damage. A couple of days ago, another clip became viral after a League player picked the Cho’gath ultimate on Sion and stacked it to grow to a towering size.

The mode is much quicker than the Summoner’s Rift, since players start with 70 summoner spell haste, and an additional ultimate out of three from the get-go. The biggest downside of this mode is that not all ultimates are available, which can quickly bore you out once you get the same ultimate picks over and over again.

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