Skyscraper-sized Sion player uses Cho’Gath ult to win League’s new Ultimate Spellbook game mode

You can pull off some seriously innovative tricks in League's new game mode.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player recently turned into a completely unstoppable force in the new Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

Ultimate Spellbook, the newest game mode added to League, allows players to replace one of their summoner spells with another champion’s ultimate. The possibilities are practically endless and some of them are unequivocally devastating. One League player managed to use the tankiness of Sion and the added bonus hit points from Cho’Gath’s ultimate, Feast (R), to help pull off a game-winning play. 

As their team got engaged on in the mid lane for an all-out late-game teamfight, the Sion player made the gutsy decision to use their own ultimate ability, Unstoppable Onslaught (R), to barrel down the mid lane and charge straight toward the enemy Nexus. With just one Nexus turret to take care of, the Sion player quickly got to work on taking down the obstacle before laying into the Nexus. 

Thanks to all the bonus HP the Sion player had from using Cho’Gath’s ultimate earlier in the game, the Nexus turret barely left a scratch on their health pool. By the time they finished destroying the Nexus turret and began taking down the Nexus, the rest of the players in the game had caught on to what exactly was happening and all of them made a mad dash for the base. 

Eventually, the enemy team was able to take down the monstrous Sion. But thanks to the champion’s passive, Glory in Death (P), they were able to keep landing hits on the Nexus, taking it down and winning the game. 

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