MSI is allowing co-streaming for first time in LoL history, but fans have one concern

They make a fair point.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

On April 26, Riot Games announced that 30 streamers will be able to co-stream the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational 2023, though a lack of details on who these streamers are has left fans concerned.

The news quickly made it to Reddit, where some fans voiced their excitement since they enjoy League of Legends streamers like IWDominate and their knowledge. Other fans, however, quickly shut down their hopes, claiming the streamers allowed to co-stream MSI 2023 are non-League ones, like Sykkuno.

The list of invited content creators hasn’t been announced yet, but some fans reported about certain League streamers who weren’t invited. “LS didn’t [get invited], Dom didn’t […] Apparently Riot are inviting non-League streamers for costream as a way to bring in outside viewership. IRL ppl like Sykkuno and others in the OfflineTV/Mizkif group,” one fan wrote.

Many people claim this move from Riot isn’t meant to improve the experience for League fans by allowing their favorite League creators to co-stream, but to bring a new audience to the event. With streamers like Sykkuno, who is rumored to co-stream, MSI 2023 would reach people who don’t usually follow League’s esports.

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If that were true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Riot allowed non-League content creators to co-stream its biggest events. Only a few like Sykkuno and Ibai were allowed to do so for Worlds 2022 finals, which was met with backlash from the community. Many fans complained about League streamers not getting access to co-stream even though they’ve been grinding as much as they could.

We’ve yet to see the list of invited co-streamers for MSI 2023, and we’re likely to see it in the coming days since the event begins on May 2.

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