The most notable free agents from the LEC this offseason

These players (surprisingly) won't be in the LEC this next split.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

The 2020-2021 LEC offseason has already come to an end.

There have been some big storylines over the past few weeks, especially Rekkles moving to G2 and Perkz going to the LCS. But there are also some League of Legends players who, surprisingly, won’t continue in the top European competition next season.

Here are some of the most notable free agents from the LEC this offseason.


Crownshot was one of the best AD carries in the LEC last season. The Slovenian marksman was one of the biggest keys during SK Gaming’s playoff runs in both splits this year.

Coming into the offseason, Crownshot decided to explore free agency, waiting to see the outcome between G2, Perkz, Fnatic, and Rekkles and trying to get the ADC spot on G2 or Fnatic. Ultimately, it was Fnatic who ended up looking for an ADC, but they chose former Astralis ADC Upset instead. But even before Fnatic announced its new bot laner, Crownshot tweeted that he wasn’t going to play in the LEC or LCS this upcoming split.


Nemesis is another outstanding Slovenian player who won’t be in the LEC for the 2021 Spring Split. The now-former Fnatic mid laner joined the LEC two years ago as a promising rookie and the successor of Caps on Fnatic. After a great debut year, Nemesis’ performance dropped this year, which ended up leading to his departure from the British organization.

Coming into the offseason, Nemesis said during a stream that he received “zero European offers” following his departure from Fnatic. Despite this, Nemesis had the opportunity to compete this upcoming season, but he said “the presented opportunities were not of high enough interest to [him].”


Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Shad0w’s case is probably one of the rarest of the entire offseason. This rookie jungler had great performances throughout the past year, especially with champions such as Lee Sin. While his individual performances with MAD Lions at Worlds and in the final weeks of the LEC Summer Split were poor, it seems strange that no European team has tried to sign him for the upcoming Spring Split.

For now, Shad0w is still on MAD Lions even though the org has already announced Javier “Elyoya” Prades as its new jungler for the next season. Shad0w could end up on an LPL team, according to rumors.


After five years with Vitality, Cabochard announced that he was parting ways with the French team a few weeks ago. The top laner had been with the organization since the first day Vitality entered the EU LCS.

Since the announcement that he was looking for deals, we’ve only learned of his departure from Vitality. All the LCS and LEC rosters are locked, so he won’t be in either of the two biggest League competitions in the West.

Cabochard has been competing since 2013. Perhaps he’s taking a break or maybe he’ll join the list of players who have retired from professional play this year.

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