LWX claims FunPlus Phoenix’s League roster has disbanded

The player shed some light on FPX's situation in one of his recent streams.

Photo via Riot Games

Funplus Phoenix AD carry Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang may have leaked that the team’s League of Legends roster has possibly dissolved. The remark came in his stream today.

The 23-year-old was talking to one of his League friends during the broadcast. In the conversation, LWX says the roster “has disbanded” and LWX “ran away”, according to a translation on Reddit. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation from the organization or any other players or staff tied to it.

FunPlus Phoenix were knocked out of Worlds 2021 in a surprising elimination two weeks ago. Before the tournament started, many fans and experts put FPX as favorites to win the competition. The squad went 0-4 in the second round-robin, however. They lost to DWG KIA for the second time and fell short against Cloud9 and Rogue twice, including once in the tiebreaker. The team ended up last in Group A.

Since then, gossip surrounding FunPlus Phoenix’s future and the LPL appeared on social media pointing at roster changes. While the rumors can easily be unfounded, an alleged reconstruction of the team wouldn’t exactly be surprising based on FPX’s performance this season.

It’s possible that LWX’s conversation with his friend was just a joke. Nevertheless, with more and more tidbits appearing on socials and League‘s transfer window opening soon, FPX could indeed be preparing to rebuild its roster for next season.