Lux’s visual effects update revealed in League of Legends

Changes are coming in Patch 9.24.

Image via Riot Games

Some savvy League of Legends fans first noticed a change to Lux’s abilities in Senna’s Champion Spotlight earlier this month. Now, Riot developers officially revealed the VFX changes coming to the Lady of Luminosity—and they include more rainbows.

Riot artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy posted the VFX update to the Dev Corner today, which aims to improve gameplay readability and modernize the abilities to today’s standards.

Here are the visual effects changes to Lux’s abilities.

VFX update

  • Auto attack: Cleaned up missile and impact.
  • Q: Added a subtle effect to show the width of the missile.
  • W: Mostly just a clean-up. Added a subtle missile width indicator on missile going out.
  • E: Revamped and cleaned up charge and explosion effects. Missile still similar.
  • R: Effect has been completely overhauled. Now has indicator lines on both sides to show the actual width of the beam. Also has a line at the end to show the actual range of it.
  • Passive: Just cleaned up a bit.
  • Idle Effects: Cleaned up and improved idle staff effects.

All of Lux’s skins were also updated to match the base changes.

The VFX changes will go live in Patch 9.24, but players will be able to test them beforehand on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon, according to Sirhaian.