Riot confirms that Lux will get a visual effects update

The update was first teased in the Senna spotlight video.

Image via Riot Games

Lux mains should get ready for some big changes to their favorite League of Legends mage. Riot Games has revealed that the Lady of Luminosity will be getting a visual effects update.

Riot artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy confirmed the news after several people pointed out that a few of Lux’s abilities looked different in the recent Senna champion spotlight trailer. He also said that there isn’t a specific release date for the update and that it’s an “ongoing passion side project” of his.

Sirhaian explained the reason for Lux’s visual effects update, saying that Riot wanted to improve gameplay readability—especially for her bind and ultimate. Many players have complained about how Lux’s visuals don’t accurately represent the hitbox of her abilities, which makes it harder to dodge and predict.

You can see some of Lux’s updated abilities in the Senna Champion Spotlight.

Lux has also kept the same package of visual effects since her release in 2010. Although her abilities do look nice and shiny, they’re still deserving of some kind of change to keep up with the visuals of today’s great-looking champions.

Sirhaian also explained that there are many other champions that require some attention to their visual effects, but they aren’t a priority at the moment. He said that most of these champion visual updates are personal developer projects and will take a while to complete.