LoL players think Riot has quietly turned to AI responses to answer complaints


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After one player seemingly caught Riot Games using an AI response to their report, the League of Legends community believes the company is using AI technology to answer reports and support tickets.

The player who received an “AI-generated response” from Riot posted it on Reddit on June 7. The initial response from Riot reads: “At Character.AI we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all players.”

This was quickly corrected by the company with yet another, tweaked message, though. In this one, Character.AI has been swapped out for Riot, although everything else in the message remains the same.

“I understand that support tickets are typically very repetitive and justify this sort of automation to an extent,” wrote the Redditor. “But it feels very disingenuous to use AI as a means of replying to a support ticket without disclosing it.”

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It seems this is an isolated incident though. Castmoore, the overseer of some of Riot’s work on player support, chimed in on the discussion and claimed the company isn’t using AI: “We’re still looking into exactly what happened here, but the short answer is no. […] We do not write responses using AI, or submit any player information into any AI platform.”

Castmoore underlined it’s important for Riot not to give players’ information to any sort of outside network, including AI software.

Many players in the comment section underlined how support replies from Riot or any other video game company will mostly be the same. They also claimed they wouldn’t be upset if League’s producers used some kind of AI tech to generate initial responses to players asking for support.


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