LoL Patch 13.9 buffs transformed awful jungler into one of the best

It's a fantastic pick to climb the ladder.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 13.9 didn’t introduce many changes to League of Legends, but it did buff Amumu, making him one of the best jungle picks in the game.

Following the release of the update on May 3, Amumu’s win rate skyrocketed, shooting all the way up to 52.09 percent in Platinum and above, according to a League stats site U.GG. It’s a significant rise compared to Patch 13.8, where he was the fifth-worst jungler with a haunting 48.36 percent win rate.

Such a drastic change might make you think Amumu received some huge buffs in Patch 13.9, but that’s far from the case. The Sad Mummy actually only received changes to his Despair (W). The update switched flat magic damage per second to 20 at all ranks and the percent health magic damage per second was increased from 1.6 percent at rank five to two percent.

Buffing one ability doesn’t often transform a champion into a juggernaut in Summoner’s Rift, but it was evidently enough to make Amumu a formidable force in the jungle. His W is crucial to clearing the jungle and dealing damage in late-game teamfights.

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If you want to take advantage of Amumu’s Patch 13.9 prowess and climb the ladder, you must be quick. Patch 13.10 is scheduled to introduce major changes across the board, which will surely shake up the meta again. It’s expected to hit the Rift on Wednesday, May 17.

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