LoL’s enchanters get access to even more poke damage with item changes in 2024

The reign of enchanters may once more be near.

Though enchanters are one of the most despised classes of champions in League of Legends due to their aggressive supportive kits, their fluctuation in and out of the meta over the past year has led Riot Games to give them some new options in the upcoming preseason, all of which benefit their damage and sustain.

As part of the overview regarding all of the changes coming to League for the beginning of 2024, which includes not only an overhaul to the existing item system but a massive landscape adjustment to Summoner’s Rift itself, Riot provided a look at some of the new and reworked items enchanter players can look forward to. In doing so, it also informed players that Chemtech Purifier, a Morellonomicon-esque item aimed at giving enchanters easy access to grievous wounds, is being removed.

A new item, Glowing Mote, which can be purchased for 250 gold, appears to be the new starting item akin to Doran’s Blade and Doran’s Ring that enchanters are encouraged to take following the overhaul to the support item system. It only provides players with five ability haste, making up for the lack of this particular stat on the new World Atlas core support item, which combines the effect of both Frostfang and Relic Shield.

Enchanters will have a new legendary item option in the form of Dawncore, which takes the old Mythic enchanter passive of empowering heal and shield power and places it into one core item. With the item’s passive, players will be rewarded with an additional three-percent heal and shield power as well as five ability power per 100-percent mana regeneration, as well as grant 18 summoner spell haste. It will cost 2,700 gold to complete, with its components being two Bandleglass Mirrors and 700 additional gold.

Echoes of Helia, which was just introduced into the support item pool with the most recent item overhaul this past midseason, is receiving a small buff to its base stats and rework to its unique Soul Siphon passive. The item now allows players to hold up to three shards for damaging champions that are used upon healing or shielding an ally champion, healing 20 health to that ally and dealing 55 magic damage to a nearby enemy champion, each stacking per shard consumed. This is a slight nerf to the item, though rewards players for being more aggressive.

Meanwhile, Staff of Flowing Waters will no longer act similarly to Ardent Censer, instead now providing bonus effects to the item’s owner rather than an ally. Healing or shielding an ally will provide the player that cast that ability with 40 ability power and ten-percent bonus movement speed over a span of three seconds, notably making it a much more aggressive option for not just enchanters, but champions like Nidalee that can heal themselves.

Players can not only look forward to implementing these new items into their enchanter build paths but also welcome powerful combinations of existing items with the complete removal of Mythic items from the upcoming season. All of the changes impacting League in the preseason will become available for testing on the PBE today for an extended period of time.


Ethan Garcia
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