Liiv SANDBOX continue series of upsets, take down Nongshim RedForce in 2021 LCK Summer Split

The team is a four-game win streak, taking down most top teams from the LCK.

Photo via Riot Games

Liiv SANDBOX continue their dominant performance in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, taking down Nongshim RedForce in today’s series 2-1 in the eighth week of the regular season.

The MVP votes in today’s series were picked up by Summit and Croco. The top laner was one of the main reasons his team was able to equalize the series, showing off with a strong performance on Viego. He was able to win his lane and then transition to the midgame with a nice item lead over his opponents, taking down whoever made a misstep and then carry the rest of the teamfight. The jungler was crucial in securing the win in the last 57-minute game. He was able to steal away major objectives while under pressure, leading his team to an upset.

While NS were seen as the favorites to win it all, they weren’t able to do so today, even after trying their best on comfort picks. However, they were able to put up a good show from the get-go, taking down their opponents in a one-sided 34-minute game. AD carry deokdam was one of the members who led this charge with his Varus pick, poking down his opponents from a long distance, before rooting them with his ultimate in teamfights.

In the second match, LSB quickly adjusted their draft and a Jayce ban against Rich helped Summit have a better laning phase on Viego this time. With no ranged threat to shut him down, he was able to snowball out of control and carry in teamfights, equalizing the series.

The last match of the series was the most interesting one, featuring various Baron and Elder dragon steals by both teams. LSB had the upper edge in the late game after picking up the Mountain Dragon Soul and stealing away the Elder dragon buff, before moving on to finish the series. Even though NS had a good last stand, they weren’t able to stop their opponents from claiming their fourth win in a row.

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LSB (9-5) climbed to third place with this upset. They have been on fire in the past couple of weeks, taking down Gen.G, T1, and now NS. With only four matches left, most of them against bottom-tier teams, LSB is looking at a possible first or second-place finish if they keep up their dominant performance. NS’s (10-4) standings weren’t affected by this loss, yet they can be overtaken by Gen.G should they pick up some clean series wins.

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