Leona and Ezreal among the top-performing champions at Worlds 2020

The devastating duo has won almost all of their games played together.

Image via Riot Games

With the 2020 League of Legends World Championship approaching its conclusion on Oct. 31, two champions have come out on top. 

Leona and Ezreal have dominated the main event of Worlds 2020, bearing down on their opposition in the bot lane to the tune of a 60 percent win rate or greater, according to Gamepedia.

Leona, the top-performing champion in the tournament’s main event, has won 16 out of her 21 games played for an impressive 76 percent win rate, while Ezreal has won 12 and lost just seven games with a 63 percent win rate. These statistics don’t include the tournament’s play-in stage, however.

In this past weekend’s semifinals between G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming, and Top Esports and Suning, Leona won all six of her games. 

Often matched alongside Ezreal, Leona’s ability to tank, engage, crowd-control, skirmish, and create early-game advantages makes her one of the best supports in League and perhaps even one of the best champions. 

Leona’s flat damage reduction allows her to engage without being punished. Her CC grants her the level-one advantage and her ultimate gives her lane priority.

Ezreal is generally a weak laner, choosing to sit back and farm for the late game. But with Leona, he’s a completely different beast. Once Leona and Ezreal hit their level-six spike, Solar Flare and Trueshot Barrage come into full effect. The ultimates provide a quick burst of damage, often resulting in a kill or two. 

When matched together, Ezreal is also safe to sit behind his tower and play passively, while Leona roams across the map.

It’s unclear if Leona and Ezreal will play a part in next week’s grand finals between Suning and DAMWON. But with supports SwordArT and BeryL taking center stage in the finals of Worlds 2020, Leona will almost certainly be up for contention.

Suning will face DWG in the finals of Worlds 2020 at 5am CT on Saturday, Oct. 31.

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